Lucio Mcjameson

Acrobatic Bard who knows some cool magic


Couldn’t figure out how to link my character but these are the stats from orcpub:
Lvl-4 True Neutral Bard
STR-12(1) DEX-17(3) CON-15(2) INT-10(0) WIS-11(0) CHA-20(5)

Health- 32 AC-14

Melee weapon-Rapier (1d8+3dmg) +5atk

Skills Checked: Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight,Investigation,Perception,Persuasion,Performance, Sleight of Hand, Stealth


Born in the circus. Performing was second nature for Lucio. He became proficient in playing many instruments and practicing many stunts. The Illustrious Circus was his family. But one day his parents were assassinated by a evil man with a secret agenda. Lucio is now determined to avenge his parents’ death. He has traveled distant lands to find this man. The only information about him he has managed to find is that he has the eyes of a demon with the face of a dragon. He is always cloaked in a black robe.

After 2 years of traveling, Lucio finds an interesting character. A shaman that uses instruments to create magic. This man decides to teach Lucio his magic.
With Lucio’s mighty bongo drum, he can shake the very earth around him.
and with his powerful lute, he can create soundwaves the shock his foes.
Lucio is ready to face his adversary. Now if only he could find him….

Lucio Mcjameson

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