A Voyage of Vagrants

Journey through the North

A lesson in Embers.

     A party of adventurers were hired by the governor Steward Lionel of Hawksburg the riverside city. He offered 10,000 gold for the retrieval of an amulet of which he did not know the power. The party decided to meet with captain Amis Bird (lovingly known as captain falcon). The captain briefed them on the current situation, the amulet was located in Fort Langley an old defensible structure once used for defense against barbarians. Unfortunately this fort was also infested with Kobolds. With this in mind the party decided to prepare for a hike into the foothills of Mount Raiken.

     Roderick the Goat was purchased, and a guide was found to bring them where they needed to go. A mysterious old man by the name of Luke Windmaster who had helped the part previously wanted to help them again to reach the fort. During the preparation [[Relafi of Distant Rain]] appeared and pleaded with the party to help her claiming that her colony in the jungle had been under attack by some race of snake people. The party agreed to help her get in contact with someone they know in the city; Devin the Bastard. The party also encountered a self proclaimed prophet by the name of William Doomsayer, his words were causing a stir in the locals, so much so that the poorer citizens decided to protest at the governors office. 

     Just as the party was leaving Relafi of Distant Rain appeared again and offered her help in dispelling the curse on the amulet. They accepted her help and she left with the adventurers. The party then headed north for a nice hike in the spring air, the grass was lush and the sea breeze flowed past them and up into the mountain. After nearly five hours they arrived at a canyon, Luke Windmaster warned them of the traps that Kobolds set in the canyons, so they used climbers kits, druidic magics, and a goat to climb to the cliff side top of this canyon. Sidling along the wall, they noticed a Kobold on the other cliff side of the canyon laying in wait to push a boulder on passers by, it was killed swiftly and the party moved along. After dispatching a patrol of four the party arrived at the entrance to Fort Langley at the bottom of the canyon. Luke Windmaster and Relafi of Distant Rain decided to wait out in the forest nearby as the party went into the fort. 

     Inside the fort the party found many Kobolds which they dealt with quickly and efficiently. They discovered that there was a large furnace blowing fire up the towers, and even found some magical items like the I owe you, and the Mace of Dragonslaying. The party ascended the fort and discovered several Kobolds resting nearby, unfortunately after making some ruckus, the Kobolds were alerted and rushed into this room with the party. The adventurers, quick on their toes used the elevator in the room and escaped their pursuers. When they reached the top they cut the ropes and the elevator collapsed down into the shaft.

     With that the party headed forward, they were now nearing the top levels. They discovered a boulder covering a door which had a Kobold waiting to toss the boulder down. After killing the cowering lizard creature the team moved the boulder and entered the bridge outside. From there they could see the tower they were going to enter and another tower just across from them. To the west the party could see the vast ocean and to the east the mountain. With their spirits rekindled they entered the tower ahead of them to find a greater Kobold. After a bit of skirmish they managed to get the Kobold over a gaping hole in the middle of the room. The Kobold was roasted alive by a bellow of fire. In this room the Dragonslayer Ring was discovered, but it was cursed making the wearer vulnerable to fire. The party ascended once again.

     On top of the tower several Kobolds surrounded a large egg with the Amulet of Embers wrapped around it. The battle began as two large Kobolds with fire bursting from their scales raked the party with their fiery claws. The party used their well known tactics to focus fire on a Draconic Blessed Kobold, slaying it quickly but it was only the beginning of their success. Through woodland magic a pack of wolves were summoned as support to the team. Kobolds arranged in heavy armor and wielding great swords swing with their fettered might. Just across from the fight on the other tower Kobold archers notch their arrows and fire upon the party. A powerful fire burned the ground under the egg and those nearby as the battle raged on. Behind the archers Luke Windmaster and Relafi of Distant Rain arrived for support, and began melee with the archers.

     After a long battle and two nearly dying from falling off the tower, the party dispelled the curse on the Amulet of Embers. They took the amulet and threw the egg off the tower, just below a Kobold they attempted to throw off the tower collected the egg in the condition it was in and made off with the egg with two of its companions into the mountains.

The party returned to Hawksburg and decided to have Relafi of Distant Rain research the Amulet of Embers which would take a week or two. The party kept their promise and introduced Relafi of Distant Rain to Devin the Bastard in order to help her receive support for her colony. The party spoke with William Doomsayer telling him that he should leave as the issue with the amulet was dealt with. William Doomsayer had already made up his mind to leave the city, saying that his words were needed elsewhere and that this amulet, was only postponing a larger threat to the world. With that the prophet left with some followers from the city.   




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