A Voyage of Vagrants

Hidden Garden
Dark Alliances
A Kidnapping In Eredith

The daughter of a lord in Eredith has been kidnapped. She has mysteriously disappeared from within her own home with her kidnappers leaving nothing behind but a ransom note. The note is left by a fierce, deadly gang of bandits that go by the name of the Sweaty Boots gang who are asking for a large sum of money in exchange for the lord's daughter. Father Albrite, a friend of the lord, has asked a party of adventurers to help Lord Phillip Eudemont in helping him find his daughter. The party investigates the home and finds a hidden tunnel that leads outside the city. Inside this tunnel was a trail of blood and tufts of fur.

After following the trail the investigates the town of Borrowscreak, a small village only a day's journey away. Their they meet a woman named Ezmra who tells the about a huntsman that lives in the woods. Judith has been secretly meeting with a huntsman, named Yyrg, and has been contemplating running away with her secret lover. Yyrg is a werewolf who, up until recently, has been able to control his transformation. It was until he encountered a woman who gave him a potion that was supposed to remove his curse. Instead it caused him to lose control of his wolf transformation. The hunter fears he might have played a part in the kidnapping and not remembered. Filled with worry and guilt, he offers his assistance in finding and rescuing Judith from the despicable Sweaty Boots gang.

Knowing that the bandits raid traders on the road, the party create a trap for the bandits. Putting on the guise of a traveling caravan, they staged a surprise attack on the bandits and found the location of their hidden camp. In a deep cave they find the bandit camp, Judith, and Ezmra. Ezmra reveals herself to be a witch who has cursed Judith with lycanthrope. Judith's shape begins to be forcefully shaped into a wolf and she was compelled to attack the party. Yyrg shifts his shape and pins Judith. With the hunter now werewolf distracting Judith, the party focuses all their efforts into killing the witch. Once the hag is slain, the party uses the enchanted objects found on the witch to cure the curse on Yyrg and Judith.

The hag and the wretched Sweaty Boots gang are vanquished. With the lord's daughter safe, the party returns to Eredith with their heroic feats celebrated in the streets of the city.

Isaac Solandria
Zaknafein Baenre

The Rising Tide

Our adventurers are sent to the city of Abelon to retrieve a magical item called the Wave, an ancient trident that is said to have housed great power. The weapon is being auctioned off along with other magical items by a reclusive noble who goes by the name of Lord Cynder. With the help from an old friend of Shouzan's, the party managed to sneak into the lord's mansion to attend the auction as guests. The Wave was kept under heavy security due the strange nature of the weapon. For residing inside the trident seems to be some kind of ancient being that beckons to return to the ocean. The party must find a way to steal the Wave while remaining under cover as guests and prevent the weapon from falling into unsavory hands.

Josuke Caprice
Lucio McJameson

Tales of Arcadia
Even mercenaries need a vacation.

In the beautiful city of Arcadia our heroes have decided to spend a week off and give themselves a well deserved brake from their work. But such is the life of an adventurer, that even during their day off they encounter some exciting situations. These are the tales of various characters and their time in Arcadia.

Tale of Aurella

Our angelic druid has decided to spend her time on the outskirts of the city. She's decided to joint the local hunter's guild and spend her time hunting in the forests. One day Aurella encounters two children, a brother and a sister around fifteen years of age. They are young adventure seekers who have snuck off from their home seeking thrills out in the wilderness. Aurella happily took them under her wings to teach them how to hunt. Aurella and the children went off into the woods. She was hoping to bag a bear for the guild. Eventually they find a large brown bear alone in a clearing. The bear attacked her forcing Aurella to charm the animal making it completely docile. During the effects of the spell the bear saw Aurella as a friend. The druid killed the animal while it was still under the affect of her charm. Meanwhile Zaknafein was following Aurella and watched her kill the animal. Zak, believing that her actions were unsportsmanlike, came out of hiding and got into an argument with her. During their argument Aurella lost sight of the young girl that was in her care. They set off to find her. They then find themselves in a foggy meadow and the sound of a commotion not too far off. Aurella and Zak find the girl trapped in a net along with a unicorn. Next to them were two bandits trying to coerce the girl into speaking. Aurella and Zak leap into action and successfully take out the bandits. When they unravel the unicorn and the girl from the nets, the unicorn thanked them and rushed off into the disappears into the forest. Aurella returns to the city, brings the kids back home, and comes back to the guild with quite the story.

Tale of Elzen

In the city shops our half elf ranger finds himself on the search for slime-proof furniture. Being unsuccessful in his search he runs into an old man who claims is an expert on all things oozy. The professor felt that he was the most knowledgeable in the nature of oozes and challenges Elzen in the battle of wits. The two parties will face off in a slime-off. Elzen must face his adversary noon the next day. Both of them are given time to prep. Elzen, with the help of Josuke, needed to do some research. He's faced all kinds of oozes and collected samples of each one. Though there was one that he has not faced yet. A black pudding. They ventured off into Arcadia's sewers and found a section of the sewers slowly being eaten by oozes. Here they managed to find a black pudding and slice off a chunk of its body. Elzen collects the sample and prepares himself for the slime-off. The next day comes and it is time for the slime-off. The two opponents amongst a judge of scholars face off to see who is superior in the knowledge of oozes. After a harsh and scathing debate the judges have concluded that both parties are equally knowledgeable about the ways of the slimes. The professor accepts the draw and views Elzen as an equal. After a bit of discussion he's set off to the mountains that Elzen lived in to assist with the ooze epidemic that resides their. Elzen continues his search, for furniture.

Tale of Elle

Elle the paladin seeks out the honorable knights of Arcadia. They've had a few run ins with the knights in their adventures and due to the rowdy nature of her fellow adventurers she seeks to make amends for any trouble they have caused for the knights. She finds herself at the knight's home base in the center of the city. There she meets with Jezabelle who is in a meeting the the Holy Order of Quath. Elle exchanged pleasantries with the knights and she decides, to make up for any misdemeanors her compatriots have caused, to assist with anything that they need. Jezabelle tells Elle that her squire is in the need of some assistance. She tells Elle that her squire, Marcus, was having some confidence issues and is not good at socializing during a formal event. Elle is tasked with teaching Marcus how to socialize at a party that the knights are hosting that night. Elle, being the great motivational speaker she is, manages to Marcus to go out of his comfort zone and mingle at the party. During the party she met a lot of the knights and has become a close ally with them. The knights, where ever they may be, will assist Elle in her adventures if she ever needs their aid.

Tale of Zak

Zaknafein finds himself in search of magic items being sold in the city. He finds a place that not only sells common magic items but also crafts them as well. On his person he carries the hide of a white dragon that he and his allies had slain. He's carried this with him so that one day he can find someone who can craft armor from it. A dragon's scales can be tough as any metal and the magic that resides within them can make incredibly powerful armor. The black smith and mage that work at the shop tells Zak that they can make something with the scales he's provided. However they admit that they are not skilled enough to create proper dragon scale armor they do offer to use the scales to improve his current armor. When they offered their price for the crafting of the armor, Zak realized he didn't have enough gold to pay for their service. The blacksmith offers to do the work at a discount if Zak does him a favor. The blacksmith ordered a new mattress that is supposed to be arriving at his home. Unfortunately the cart carrying the mattress broke down outside of town and will be delayed for another week or so. He simply asks that Zak retrieves the mattress and bring it to his home. A simple task, if it weren't for the bounty on his head it would've been easy. Zak managed to keep the mattress safe as he fought off the two assassins that sought out the bounty. After completing the task he received his Lesser Dragonscale Armor at the end of the week.

Tale of Josuke

Deep in the dank ally ways of Arcadia is a tavern hidden away from the eyes of the knights that protect the city. This tavern offers plenty of food, drink, and blood. In this tavern there is a large cage where fighters of all kind come to test their might and earn a bit of coin along the way as well. In this cage was a man named Josuke and his opponent a half orc that stood over Josuke like a tower of bricks. Among them was an audience watching in awe as this strange man from out of town gives the half orc a fight of his life. As the fight was nearing its end a woman walks into the bar. The sound of rain can be heard from outside. A woman walks in and asks the barkeep for the name of the detective that was said to be here. With a loud thud, the half orc falls to the ground. Josuke looks out at the crowd to anticipate the cheering, when he peers over to the audience that's when he saw her. A young woman with long flowing red dress and a vale over her face. The mysterious woman approaches Josuke and asks for his help. The young lady is in need of a detective. Someone who is brave and daring. More importantly someone who is not from around here. She tells Josuke that theirs been a kidnapping. A dragonborn egg has been stolen from its mother and none of the guards in town are willing to help. She needs Josuke's help in finding the egg and returning it to its mother. Josuke takes on the case, with assistance from his fellow adventurers who happen to be in town as well. They tracked the missing egg at a small manor in the city. It turns out this was a small headquarters to a mob group called The Black Serpeant. The party manages to break into the house and take out a few of the guards. They haphazardly make their way into the basement of the manor. During this moment they caused a lot of commotion in the mansion as Black Serpeant thugs were searching to find them. This was quite the inconvenience as the owner of the place, a doctor by the name of Garren Tarnicus was arriving back home with a date. Farrah Solandria, a cleric of Pelor and fellow adventurer, was outside attempting to say goodbye a very insistent doctor who was trying to convince Farrah to stay the night. Unfortunately the cleric did not know that this handsome young doctor was working for a ruthless mob family that uses his home as a personal headquarter for torture and coercion. Luckily Josuke and the party managed to find the egg, pummel a few more thugs, and after a quick charm spells here and there, managed to disrupt the date and escape with the egg and Farrah unscathed. Thanks to the master detective Josuke, the egg finds it's way home. The party find themselves together at a local bar. The woman that gave Josuke the case walks in on them later that night. She thanks Josuke for saving the egg. She reveals her face, Josuke recognizes her in one of the family portraits in the manor. She reaches for a satchel of gold. The detective refuses the payment. The woman shares a kiss with Josuke and walks out of the bar. The party drank heavily that night.

Journey through the North
A lesson in Embers.

     A party of adventurers were hired by the governor Steward Lionel of Hawksburg the riverside city. He offered 10,000 gold for the retrieval of an amulet of which he did not know the power. The party decided to meet with captain Amis Bird (lovingly known as captain falcon). The captain briefed them on the current situation, the amulet was located in Fort Langley an old defensible structure once used for defense against barbarians. Unfortunately this fort was also infested with Kobolds. With this in mind the party decided to prepare for a hike into the foothills of Mount Raiken.

     Roderick the Goat was purchased, and a guide was found to bring them where they needed to go. A mysterious old man by the name of Luke Windmaster who had helped the part previously wanted to help them again to reach the fort. During the preparation [[Relafi of Distant Rain]] appeared and pleaded with the party to help her claiming that her colony in the jungle had been under attack by some race of snake people. The party agreed to help her get in contact with someone they know in the city; Devin the Bastard. The party also encountered a self proclaimed prophet by the name of William Doomsayer, his words were causing a stir in the locals, so much so that the poorer citizens decided to protest at the governors office. 

     Just as the party was leaving Relafi of Distant Rain appeared again and offered her help in dispelling the curse on the amulet. They accepted her help and she left with the adventurers. The party then headed north for a nice hike in the spring air, the grass was lush and the sea breeze flowed past them and up into the mountain. After nearly five hours they arrived at a canyon, Luke Windmaster warned them of the traps that Kobolds set in the canyons, so they used climbers kits, druidic magics, and a goat to climb to the cliff side top of this canyon. Sidling along the wall, they noticed a Kobold on the other cliff side of the canyon laying in wait to push a boulder on passers by, it was killed swiftly and the party moved along. After dispatching a patrol of four the party arrived at the entrance to Fort Langley at the bottom of the canyon. Luke Windmaster and Relafi of Distant Rain decided to wait out in the forest nearby as the party went into the fort. 

     Inside the fort the party found many Kobolds which they dealt with quickly and efficiently. They discovered that there was a large furnace blowing fire up the towers, and even found some magical items like the I owe you, and the Mace of Dragonslaying. The party ascended the fort and discovered several Kobolds resting nearby, unfortunately after making some ruckus, the Kobolds were alerted and rushed into this room with the party. The adventurers, quick on their toes used the elevator in the room and escaped their pursuers. When they reached the top they cut the ropes and the elevator collapsed down into the shaft.

     With that the party headed forward, they were now nearing the top levels. They discovered a boulder covering a door which had a Kobold waiting to toss the boulder down. After killing the cowering lizard creature the team moved the boulder and entered the bridge outside. From there they could see the tower they were going to enter and another tower just across from them. To the west the party could see the vast ocean and to the east the mountain. With their spirits rekindled they entered the tower ahead of them to find a greater Kobold. After a bit of skirmish they managed to get the Kobold over a gaping hole in the middle of the room. The Kobold was roasted alive by a bellow of fire. In this room the Ring of Dragonslaying was discovered, but it was cursed making the wearer vulnerable to fire. The party ascended once again.

     On top of the tower several Kobolds surrounded a large egg with the Amulet of Embers wrapped around it. The battle began as two large Kobolds with fire bursting from their scales raked the party with their fiery claws. The party used their well known tactics to focus fire on a Draconic Blessed Kobold, slaying it quickly but it was only the beginning of their success. Through woodland magic a pack of wolves were summoned as support to the team. Kobolds arranged in heavy armor and wielding great swords swing with their fettered might. Just across from the fight on the other tower Kobold archers notch their arrows and fire upon the party. A powerful fire burned the ground under the egg and those nearby as the battle raged on. Behind the archers Luke Windmaster and Relafi of Distant Rain arrived for support, and began melee with the archers.

     After a long battle and two nearly dying from falling off the tower, the party dispelled the curse on the Amulet of Embers. They took the amulet and threw the egg off the tower, just below a Kobold they attempted to throw off the tower collected the egg in the condition it was in and made off with the egg with two of its companions into the mountains.

The party returned to Hawksburg and decided to have Relafi of Distant Rain research the Amulet of Embers which would take a week or two. The party kept their promise and introduced Relafi of Distant Rain to Devin the Bastard in order to help her receive support for her colony. The party spoke with William Doomsayer telling him that he should leave as the issue with the amulet was dealt with. William Doomsayer had already made up his mind to leave the city, saying that his words were needed elsewhere and that this amulet, was only postponing a larger threat to the world. With that the prophet left with some followers from the city.   



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