A Voyage of Vagrants

Cleric's Plight Pt. 1
A little cleric comes back home.
Time warp parenting
A man so irresponsible his child must travel through time to save him.
Speximus starts a Casino
Roll those dice, and try not to roll those eyes!
The Trial of Ellangilla Norfstein
Who could be so vile as to strike down their own blood? Who?
The Headless Horseman strikes again!
Harvest festivals are not a good time for adventurers.
Old blood, made fresh.
A party of adventurers rebuttal the Deck of Many Things.
Beyond the Reach
Find what lies over the edge of the map.

Our heroes follow a job lead asking for the bravest and daring of adventurers to head into the southern most end of the Reach. With the help of a Sparrowhawk monk named Kane, they venture into the depths of the Reach. The monk agrees to lead them to the location but in exchange they must help cleanse a shrine to an ancient being known as a Wendigo. The shrine is haunted by vengeful revenants that attack anyone that approaches it. When our heroes did battle with the spirits, the shrine began to cast spells turning the arena into a gauntlet that will test the might of the adventurers. Once the shrine is cleansed, the party continues further into the deepest parts of the Reach. At the end of their journey they find themselves at the very ends of the world. Here they find themselves at the Ashen Sea, a primordial soup from which the world is still being created. They also find a portal which leads to a tavern for the restless souls of the dead. Where they meet their employerer,  Shouzan.

Balasar Delmirev
Ellangilla Norfstein
Farrah Solandria

The Pale Mask

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