A Voyage of Vagrants

Crimson Tide
Fear the ship with red sails.

After successfully saving Valerius Shearwater from a necromancer, our heroes have taken the Captain and his ship to Ilian Bay to try to find the location of the Scarlet Scales, a band of red dragonborn pirates. Being a pirate port city, Ilian Bay is a good place to start the investigation on Captain Fiercehart. Our heroes make their way to the nearest tavern to talk to the local brigands of the port. Many of the sailors that they talked to seemed wary of talking about the Scarlet Scales and seem to be concerned about the arrival of Valerius Shearwater. Many of the people they spoke to tell tales of the dreaded ship with red sails. The Crimson Tide is the vessel of the Scarlet Scales and many of the sailing folk do their best to try to avoid it. Many of them say that the ship be a monster itself and there are many tales of how the dreaded ship appears out of nowhere and leave nothing but a fiery wreck. During their investigation, a man walks into the tavern with a dagger in hand and approaches one of the patrons of the tavern. He tells him that he was ordered to kill him in order to regain his "freedom." Before the patron could draw his weapon, the stranger stabs him in the neck with his dagger ending the confrontation and leaves the tavern. Josuke follows the stranger outside and coerces him into talking. The stranger says he is sent under the order of Captain Fiercehart to murder a traitor and now that he has completed his task he has earned his freedom from the Scarlet Scales. Josuke masquerades as a member of the Scarlet Scales and tells the stranger that he must immediately go to Fiercehart to let him know that his deed is complete. The stranger reluctantly agrees, the next day he went to Fiercehart.

Our heroes follow the stranger to a cove on the northern end of the island. There seems to be a small headquarters built in the cave. Inside the headquarter is a stone shrine with a fiendish origin. Josuke went ahead to scout out the area but when he approaches the room with the shrine he felt a burning sensation on his cheek. The mark of Asmodeus that was branded on him by a possessed Virtue begins to sear Josuke's skin as the stranger begins to communicate with the shrine. When the stranger finds out that he is not alone, the shrine summons water elemental myrmadons to protect the shrine. Fortunately, the party manages to arrive just in time to banish the elementals back to their plain. Once inside they find the stranger trying to communicate with a shrine that is brandished with the mark of the Nine Hells. When inspecting the shrine, the party finds out that it is used to communicate with someone else. Either a devil spawn from hell or with another worshiper. They also find various maps laid out on a desk revealing the location of a small volcanic island and an uncharted island chain which Drugar reveals to be his home.

So our heroes now have a course set. The island chain is a few weeks of travel out on open ocean. They stock up and set sail southwest.

That night, the crew of the ship tell the party that a storm was coming. Elle tells the crew to sail into the storm. The party was hoping to make contact with Ptolemy, a storm giant king that Farrah made friends with before her death. But they did not find a storm giant waiting for them underneath the thundering clouds. Instead they were greeted with fog and out of the fog came a ship. A ship with red sails. Towering above their little brig was a warship with fifty cannons sticking out of each broadside. At the helm they see the silhouette of a woman wielding a staff and two horns protruding from her head. On the deck of the ship they saw a hundred or so crewman cackling like demons as they stare down at the party's ship and above they ship was figure flapping its wings. A red dragonborn was hovering above the ship, he swoops down and puts Valerius Shearwater in a grapple. He tells the party that Shearwater told him of their plans and reveals that Shearwater knows the location of the relic that they seek and also knows the location of the other dragon masks.

Our heroes leap into action to kill Fiercehart. After attacking him, Fiercehart drops Valerius into the ocean and orders the Crimson Tide to fire all their cannons. Valerius' ship, the Mariner formerly known as the Black Marauder, becomes a nothing more but a pile of driftwood. Once there was nothing left, the Crimson Tide begins to sail back into the fog. The ship begins to become ethereal and was about to disappear into another plane. While the party tries to recuperate, Zaknefein sneaks onto the Crimson Tide. He wasn't going to let them leave without leaving a mark for himself. Zak finds the location of their black powder store room. Using the flames from his steed, Nightmare, he sets the volatile powder ablaze and escapes from the Ethereal plane using Nightmare's innate ability to shift between the dimensions.

Our heroes lay floating in the middle of the sea among the wreck of the Mariner. While they begin to recoup themselves they see a giant visage in the water. It was Ptolemey, projecting his being into a reflection in the water. He tells our heroes that he is still regaining most of his power. He tells them that there is still a way to save Farrah. They must travel to the island where Fiercehart is heading to. There, he tells them, is an ally of his. Ptolemey will aid the party with whatever power he has regained. Their journey to the island will be a safe one, for he will ensure no storm will halt their journey.

Our heroes fly back to Ilithin Bay, where they must prepare once more for their journey.

Skewer Spire
Go, find your captain.

Drugar has agreed to help their party track down the Scarlet Scales, a group of red dragonborn pirates who seem to know the location of a magical dragon orb. The magical orb is said to hold a power that can be offered to the dragon queen, Tiamat. In return she will grant the wish to the holder. So our heroes set off to Hawksburg in order to find a pirate captain by the name of Valerius Shearwater. Shearwater is known to have his own rivalry with the Scarlet Scales and with his help the party will track down the pirates and find out what they know about the orb. But problems arise when they arrive to find that the captain was kidnapped and brought to tiny island by the name of Skewer Spire Isle. When our party hitched a ride there they find a dark dungeon filled with undead creatures including an animated bone dragon that was trapped in the ceiling. Our heroes must defeat the necromancer and free the infamous captain from his binds.

Jungle Japes
Forward into the Reach.

Answering the vision from Pelor, Ellangilla has gathered her friends to journey into the unmapped regions of the Reach. Her vision tells her of golden dragonborn who traveled far from his home on a holy quest who is seeking an ancient tomb in the jungle. The reach is filled will all matter of danger including dinosaurs, giant worms, and sentient oozes that have taken over pieces of an old civilization. Our heroes will venture forward to find the foreign dragonborn and also possibly retrieve other riches as well.

When they arrive to the destination they were given, they find an ancient stone temple that is guarded by a Naga. It tells them that the relic they seek has been taken already by a group of mages. It also reveals that Isaac Solandria was here with the mages. The Naga tells them of an ancient orb that was used to control dragons. It also tells them that the orb can be used, when presented to Tiamat, to grant a single wish and that another group, a rowdy band of dragonborn pirates were seeking this relic as well. Our heroes leave and run into the golden dragonborn. He says his name is Drugar Lundgren a member of the Shimmerscale clan. He says he was given a vision from his god, Illmater. A vision of a stone temple amidst a jungle. Elle tells him of a similar vision but regarding him. She tells him that he is the key in resurrecting Farrah. Drugar's interest is peaked when he finds out the Scarlet Scales were involved in this affair. Reluctantly, he agrees to join the party to help them find the Scarlet Scales and the ancient relic that they were also seeking.

Troubled Times
And life goes on.

It has been a month since they traveled to Staltia to retrieve the relic of the dragons. A month since the truce between the Republic of Arinarya and Stalcha Legion. A month since the death of Farrah Solandria. Our heroes have seperated since their last mission in Ulstat. Elle has set off on a journey to find a possible resurrection spell for her fallen friend. Others found their own ways to grieve. In that time not a word from the dragon cult or the Scalelords and for a time there was moment of peace. Our heroes used this time to further their studies or doing small odd jobs for money here and there. Elle returns back to their plot of land empty handed and the others have began construction of there town. They have named their land Lysander, a name that has been given from the mysterious pale tree that has started to grow on the land. While construction is beginning our heroes receive a missive from Valeryn Selevrun, a bishop of Pelor, who wishes to exchange information with our heroes. She says she has a possible lead for them in their ongoing fight against the dragons. At the meeting Elle meets a Paladin named Rey Feathernore who seems to have a grudge against her and Sho encounters a member of a mob family who threatens him to cease his business in their territory. Valeryn tells our heroes of a holy warrior who is foreign to these lands is on his way to a ruin in the Reach. In return Valeryn wishes to know everything about the Scalelords so she may prepare her temple against any attacks from the dragons.

Infiltrating Staltia Pt. 3
In the gates of madness, there is only darkness.

The plan was all set, our heroes have located the green dragon mask. It is held in a private lock box at the city's treasury. With Gauis in as a contractor and Sho with the plans to the lock it will be a simple little job. But Thelob has other plans he still seeks to eliminate one of the members of the party in order to complete his contract with Asmodeus. He starts off by setting off a distraction, summoning a bone devil in town will surely give him some time. He sets off his distraction and makes his way to the catacombs. There he completes the ritual and opens the gate revealing an ancient aperture which is said to be keeping powerful magic from harming the people on the surface. The magic is believed to inflict madness upon people of Staltia and will drive the kingdom into chaos. Thelob begins the next ritual to stop the aperture and unleash the magic. But our heroes arrive in time to stop the ritual. Yet it was not the aperture that Thelob cared about. Once the ritual ceased and the cultists killed, Thelob casts a disintegration spell at Farrah Solandria. With nothing left to lose he fulfills his contract. It matters not that Thelob was executed by the party. He did his job. He left nothing but ashes.

The people of Staltia were grateful, for our heroes saved their kingdom from an age of chaos. In return they gave them the green dragon mask. The party leave Staltia with their relic and with one member short.

Infiltrating Staltia Pt. 2
Inside enemy territory lies hidden, untold evil.

Our heroes have successfully sneaked their way into Staltia. Farrah, Gaius, and Thelob disguised as a traveling family, Sho as a servant of the lord, Elle as a woman with an arranged marriage, and Zak as a human huntsman. Now they must find the location of the green dragon mask and get out of Staltia without getting caught. But Thelob has other plans. As an agent of Asmodeus, he is tasked with eliminating one of the party members. Once a teifling named Abeloth, he was reincarnated as a human and serves as an assassin of the dark ones. After a few days of searching and talking to the right people, the heroes find out that there is a nightly gathering in the catacombs for the more ill reputed folk of the city. On arrival they find that, while it is indeed a debaucherous party for unsavory types, they also find that it is some kind of cult and deep inside the catacombs is a sacrificial ritual circle. When the ritual is complete a door will open and it will unleash a torrent of chaos upon the lands above.

Chasing Dragons
Treasure left behind over the edge of the map.

The Mariner, formally the Black Marauder, has docked at Hawksburg. It is here where Gloria Norfstein reunites with her old mentor, Phoebe Jensen. Gloria intends to bring her on board to continue her training. The other mages on board of the Mariner seem to also gravitate towards her teachings. But their training comes to a halt when they find out that Captain Fiercehart, leader of the Scarlet Scales, are about to make port in Hawksburg. The party has had multiple run-ins with Fiercehart and his newly hired warlock, Gwynavere Soulstain. The party immediately take off from Hawksburg to avoid any encounters with the dragonborn pirates. However when they find out that Fiercehart is seeking an ancient dragon relic in the Reach, this peaked their interests and have set off a course to follow Fiercehart and take the relic for themselves. With a few disguises and some trickery they trail Fiercehart to an ancient stone temple in the jungles of the Reach. They manage to sneak in and lock the Scarlet Scales out allowing them to search the temple freely. Inside they find a young scholar in plater armor. He says his name is Isaac Solandria, and he is seeking out the same relic. Inside the temple they find mystical orb guarded by an ancient Naga. The orb holds untold power that allows the user the control the "children of Tiamat." But the power appears to be dormant. Gloria, Alduis, Ruin, Mogor, Durz, and a reluctant Isaac escape with the orb and make their way back to the Mariner before the Scarlet Scales could catch up. With that, the mages are now the owner of an ancient relic of power that will surely turn the tides on Tiamat when the time comes.

Infiltrating Staltia Pt. 1
A relic to an heir must be taken from him.

Enya, the leader of Arinarya, sends a message to our heroes telling them that a green dragon mask has been spotted in Ulstat. A lord who lives in the city of Staltia is receiving the mask as his inheritance. A priceless family heirloom that the lord himself has no idea of its importance. Tulip, a mage from the university, is assigned to create illusory disguises for the party. Each member must carefully choose a disguise that would allow them to sneak into Staltia. For their legion has placed a hefty bounty on the heads of our heroes. Before our heroes set off they are greeted by a mage who claims to be from the Citadel. Thelob says he is a scholar sent from the Citadel to aid our heroes in their campaign against the Scalelords. The party, not willing to trust just anyone, investigate his person and found that he does have proper documentation that says he is a low ranking mage of the Citadel and even scoured his mind for any lies he may be hiding. Upon finding that he is indeed a simple scholar they agree to let the young ward accompany them on their journey.

The mission will be difficult. Our heroes must sneak into Staltia without revealing who they are. They must locate the mask and take it without being caught and they must not let anything detract from their mission.

Inik Rilark Pt. 2
Nature reclaimed from the beast of the desert.
Inik Rilark Pt. 1
Where sand has overtaken snow.

Our heroes are called by the great elder of the Silent Grove. They have recently sent a few of their druids to the north in order to investigate an unnatural weather pattern that has been occurring. The druids have not returned and the elder has asked our heroes to go find them and bring them back.


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