A Voyage of Vagrants

Slay the Dragon
Josuke Unbound
Mandatory Fun
The Sleeping Land Pt.2
Sweetly dream about the Orc on the Moon
The Sleeping Land Pt.1
Odd new friends meet in the World of Dreams

Our adventurers find themselves in Illian under the request of Fergus Finveili. He tells the party that his son Finli Finveili has fallen into a coma and could not be waken even by magical means. 

After a meeting with Elisa Mauld a dream manipulator, the adventurers travel into the Du'Noth'veux. Along with them the PteroStirge, a group of mercenaries much like our heroes. After experiencing visions of their thoughts and desires the team ends up at a cave thought to be where Finli's sleeping soul waited. 

In the cave the party encountered strange statues and architecture certainly not natural. After a run in with petrification worms the party is taken back to the material plane. The party removed their petrification with the help of Dr.Henry Homes

Their next task was clear, research just what Finli had been up to. They searched his home, his private life as well as a hidden workshop he had in the forest. They even found that the statue was made out to Medusa, an ancient Gorgon cursed into a monstrous form. With this information, they were ready to reenter the Sleeping Land.


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