The Chronicler

Hail! Welcome my friend. Come take a seat. Would you like a drink? I'll have the tavern wench bring us a round on me. So what brings you to this far flung end of the world? Are you perchance a wandering soul seeking adventure, or perhaps you are a simple mercenary looking for your next big payout. Well whatever it is you're looking for traveler I believe I can be of some help. I'm a chronicler you see. A recorder of history and seeker of stories. I have traveled all across this land seeking daring tales and important happenings. For you see my friend, a tale so great disserves to be preserved and that is where I come in. Here take a look, I have written all of my findings here in this book. Don't worry I assure you. Everything you read here is true.

Well, for the most part.


Adventure Log

Here is where each of our sessions will be recorded with experience points gained in that session, items acquired, and the payment of gold for that session. 


This is our encyclopedia of important information. Lists of player characters, non-playable characters, important places, and events. Since the players of this campaign take turns being Dungeon Masters this will, hopefully, be quite useful for most of us in keeping track of important information.

A Voyage of Vagrants

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